Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park, is the sixth largest national Park in Tanzania which established in 1970 by Tanzania National Park Aauthority (TANAPA). Tarangire National Park is located northen part of Tanzania at Manyara region whereby it covers an area of 2850 km2.

The word Tarangire comes from two differently languages which are Mbugwe and Hadzabe language. The word “TARA” comes from Mbugwe language which means “River” and “NGIRE” comes from Hadzabe Language which means “warthog”

What to see at Tarangire National Park


Tarangire river provides the sanctuary for the largest population of elephants in North Tanzania. The park is named after this life-giving river that provides the only permanent water for wildlife. During the dry season, many different animals migrates to Tarangire National Park seeking for water. Long columns of elephant, wildebeest, zebra, buffalo and gazelle file in great numbers to the receding banks of the river. Predators like lions and leopards are drawn like a magnet to this smorgasbord of concentrated prey.

During dry season, Tarangire River used as the only reliable source of water for both wildlife animals as well as Masai community that surrounds the national use it for irrigation activities.


This park provides many chances as it is habitat to plenty of wildlife like zebras, searching for underground streams in the dry river beds, herds of elephants up to 5000 elephants can be found in a park. more than 550 bird species, the migratory wildebeest, eland, gazelle, impala, zebras, kudu, hartebeest buffalo, African pythons and other smaller mammals. Also regularly spotted are the dry country antelope like the long necked gerenuk and fringe eared Oryx.


The Baoba Trees are the icon of the Tarangire national park in Tanzania as well as in Africa. A Tarangire National Park Baobab trees can grow up to 30 m high and can exist between two and three thousand years. During dry season (may to November) elephants use their tusks to extract barks from baobab trees where they use them as a food while birds use baobab trees to hang their nests so as to be free from destruction that may be caused by Ground wildlife animals and also they use Baobab fruits as a food

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