Mikumi National park is the fourth largest park in Tanzania established by Tanzania National Park Authority (TANAPA) in 1964 with 3230 km2. The park is located eastern part of Tanzania in Morogoro region whereby in southern part of the park is bounded with Sellouts Game Reserve. Mikumi National Park has divided into two main parts

Northwest part

In this area the landscape is the same as Serengeti Plain but it is covered with baobab trees, savanna land spotted with acacia, tamarinds and rarely palm. Near road, in part there are rock formations of Uluguru and Rubeho mountains. This part is more easily reachable than the southern parts as well as many animals are found in this area

Southern part

In southern part of Mikumi covered with Miombo woodlands whereby some animals like kudus and sable antelopes likes to hang around the southern part of the park near the Vuma hills.

The park is famous for its large populations of elephants and buffaloes which are easily be spotted, tree climbing lions are so many than Lake Manyara, Maasai Giraffe, Somali Giraffe, zebras, impala, eland, kudu, black antelope, baboons, wildebeests, hippo and. More than 400 dissimilar species of birds

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