Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park covers Mount Meru, a prominent volcano with an elevation of 4566 m, in the Arusha Region of north eastern Tanzania. The park is small but varied with spectacular landscapes in three distinct areas. In the west, the Meru Crater funnels the Jekukumia River; the peak of Mount Meru lies on its rim.

during a game drive, you are likely to spot peaceful herds of buffaloes, shy bushbucks on the edge of the forest as well as warthogs and zebras. Heading towards the Ngurdoto Crater you will soon find yourself in a lush rainforest – a great place to spot the athletic black and white colobus monkey as well as the elegant mitis monkey. The Ngurdoto Crater is basically a smaller version of the Ngorongoro Crater and has a diameter of about 3 km. With a bit of luck you might even spot buffaloes in the swamps on the crater floor.

Arusha National Park differs from other national park where visitors can be able to spot the park by using horses.

Momella Lakes.

Is a seventh shallow lake located within Arusha National Park namely; Big Momella , small Momella, El kekhotoito,  kusare,  rishateni,  lekandiro  and  tulusia. The  lakes  are  alkaline  that  formed   from   the volcanic   debris   and  it   was created when Mount meru blow its top about 25000 years ago . As the lake  are alkaline  animals  around   do not drink from their water.  But birds , zebras  can be spoted on their  banks. The lakes are highlight of the easter section of Arusha national parks covering the forest of mount  meru.

Lake big Momella, is located to the north eastern border of Arusha and next to its siblings small Momella and sherateni. The largest several alkaline  lakes  that are located inside Arusha National Park of northern Tanzania . There are several animals to see   including both greater and lesser flamingos, hippos and several birds. The soil of Momella lakes   their sodium rich content and the formation of algae make the lakes alkaline especially the big Momella and lake reshateni.

The area around lake Momella is surrounded by green hills here you can find lakes surrounded by bush savannah and acacias. The biggest and most interesting one are the big and small Momella lakes together they covering an area of 4km. the flamingoes prefer small lakes due to  the high amount of alkali.

The big ans small Momella comes from the combination of rainfall and undergoes    streams and sports various  animals such as hippos, ducks along with other water birds such as the little and great crested grebes, southern pochard, maccoa duck, sacred ibis and many other, but the hippos spend most of their time near lakes island. The north of two Momella lakes tucked away in valleys and rarely visited lakes lekandiro and tulusia. Lake kusare is small and swampy during the big rains is a favourite spot for water buck. Lake el kokhotoito surrounded by green hills dries up in the autumn months to become a pan with a little stream attracting plenty of buffalo, giraffe,


 Mount Meru

is an active (but dormant) volcano situated north of Arusha in Tanzania. About 250,000 years ago, a massive volcanic eruption blew away the entire eastern flank of the mountain and left it with the distinctive appearance it has today.

Mt. Meru has become a popular “warm up” climb for Kilimanjaro climbers. At 4,566 m Mt Meru is the fourth highest mountain on the African continent and the second highest in Tanzania. The mountain became well known mainly because it is only 70 km from Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mount Meru not only possesses striking views and diverse vegetation, but it also gives a chance to witness wildlife during your climb. The crater rim walk on Mount Meru is a spectacular hike and offers 360 degree views from the summit of Meru and also you can witness Mt. Kilimanjaro from Meru’s peak, which is an enthralling experience.

When climbing Mount Meru visitors will pass in Ancient fig tree forests, crystal clear waters cascading from mountain streams,  and get a chance to spot giraffes, buffaloes, baboons, colobus monkeys and antelopes.

Ngurudoto Crater

is a volcanic crater in Arusha region in Tanzania. The crater is 3.6km. it is surrounded by forest whilst the crater floor is a swamp. It is located in Arusha national park.

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